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The farmer community is already facing despair from the irregular monsoon and other climatic conditions. To add to their misery, they have to tackle harmful hazards of chemical pesticides and fertilisers, not only on their soil and crop, but also on the human health and environment at large.

Miklens Bio makes use of their expertise in the field of biotechnology to provide products which are effective thereby improving the value offerings to the farmers in terms of improved yields, better crop quality and ultimately their revenue.

Miklens Bio's Product Benefits:
  • Increased yields
  • Improved crop quality
  • Increased revenue
  • Residue Free Cultivation
  • Reduced health hazards
  • Environmental protection

Miklens Bio’s research process is focussed on the microorganisms available in the surrounding and thus is successful in developing specialised range of bio-agri inputs. Our products are tested and provides a seal of assurance with regards to improved yields and improving the quality of the land, soil and overall environment.

Our products are bifurcated in the following categories:

Plant Growth Enhancer

Plant Growth Enhancer

Plant Protection


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Corporate Catalogue